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Are you ready to ride the sea?

Kayaking is our passion! We are at home in kayaking! It doesn’t matter if the sea gets rough, we are ready to face the challenges and to go paddling. In any case, you will find us in the water. Are you an experienced kayaker? Rent a kayak from us and paddle with our team! Let’s ride the waves!

 Starting from one of Europe’s oldest natural harbors, we paddle to Portocolom in the turbulent sea. We can warm up in the quiet harbor so we do not find ourselves in the big waves immediately. You can even return at any time and rest in the port, protected from waves.

The Eskimo roll is essential for rowing. It would be good if you are experienced in self-rescue techniques or know how to rescue a partner, but this is not a precondition.

You can rent a kayak from us or if you live on the island and have your own equipment, you can go paddling for free with us. Join us!

Kayaks for hire:

– one-person polyethylene kayak


What´s included:

– paddle

– buoyancy aids

– manual water pump

– neopren spraydeck

– helmet


If you are interested in extreme kayaking, please let us know when you are on the island and we will contact you when the weather conditions are best for this adventure.


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